We believe that transformational practices should be simple, accessible and done in community.

MADRE is a place to commune and be with friends. It's a place to practice yoga, and to workout in unconventional ways with exceptional instructors. It's a place to sweat and purify; to get fitter, stronger and more resilient. 

 We make food here, and coffee (really good coffee), and teas. We use the best local and organic ingredients. We incorporate adaptogenic herbs and other superfoods into our menu offerings so that you can function at optimal levels. We want you to be hydrated and satiated, and feeling like your best self.  

We have a general store here, too - we stock goods, wares and tools for vibrant, soulful and healthy living. We love natural, locally made stuff that enriches our lives in some way. We also like things that smell really good - we believe in the healing powers of aromatherapy.  We support creators and makers who want to impact the world though their unique visions.