Class Descriptions


YOGA 60/75/90

All classes are vinyasa based and all-levels, unless otherwise noted. Sun salute variations, and postures that connect in an intuitive and intelligent way are explored. Classes come in 60, 75 and 90 minute blocks; some classes are heated. The schedule will indicate length of time and if infrared heat will be utilized. YOGA60/YOGA60IR/YOGA75/YOGA75IR

*Please keep in mind that infrared heat feels - and is - less taxing than forced hot air heat, so if you normally don't dig a heated room, you might like this. It's truly a very different experience. LEARN MORE ABOUT INFRARED HEAT HERE


Get down to the basics in this class that focuses on primary postures, alignment and breath connectivity. An excellent place to start if you have never taken a yoga class, or if you are newer to the practice. You will establish a foundational vocabulary of postures and gain confidence to attend all-level classes. YOGA FUNDAMENTALS is also appropriate for more advanced students who want to take it down a notch and return to "the beginner's mind".


KUNDALINI YOGA, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, incorporates simple but dynamic movements, robust breathing techniques, meditation, and mantras. This is a vitalizing and energizing practice that focuses on awakening the energy of the consciousness. Stay for chat and chai afterwards. Wear white if you're fancy.


ELEVATE is our signature, trademarked integrative workout that incorporates HIIT, focused strengthening movement, core work, yoga flows and invigorating breath work. This challenging class is built upon a yoga framework and will tone, strengthen, build endurance and increase mobility. ELEVATE is a breath-focused, mind and body practice suitable for all levels. 60 min

*ELEVATExp = same workout in a 45-minute express version


Arguably the funnest workout you haven't tried yet. All BOUNCE workouts are done on a rebounder (also called a mini trampoline). This vigorous, heart-pumping class is equal parts challenge and fun. Spend the first part of class bouncing your way to a stronger heart and body with cardio intervals, and the last part of class stretching it all out. All levels  60 min


Arguably the funnest workout you haven't tried yet. All BOUNCE workouts are done on a rebounder (also called a mini trampoline). This vigorous, heart-pumping class is equal parts challenge and fun. BOUNCE + LIFT splices low impact/ high intensity cardio intervals on the rebounder with sculpting and creative calisthenics to tone and strengthen the entire body. All levels 60 min


Bring your kids to yoga. You practice yoga, your kids do whatever they want. Bring snacks or toys (or whatever). Older children are encouraged to practice, too! New parents may wish to bring in carseat carriers for napping babes. 45 min


Mom + Yoga = MOGA. This is an open yoga class for pre- and post-natal mothers. Emphasis is placed on appropriate modifications for all stages of pregnancy, and the important rituals of self care. Children up to 3 years old are welcomed. New mothers may wish to bring in carseat carriers for napping babes. 60 min


This deeply revitalizing practice is part YIN, part RESTORATIVE. We utilize the intense, but highly effective method of long holding times in passive (mostly seated) poses. Postures are held for long periods of time to facilitate pliancy of the connective tissues. Add in bolsters and other props to completely support the body; receive a total reboot for the nervous system.  60 or 90 min


This is a donation based class - pay what you can, pay what you want. This class is primarily taught by our pool of  new and talented teachers; more established teachers may teach this class from time-to-time, as well. Suggested donation $10, cash. We do not accept pre-registration for these classes, just show up!