Reiki is a Japanese healing art. Unlike massage, the there is no manipulation of the body or soft tissue - Reiki relies solely on the energetic vibrations of the practitioner and recipient. The practitioner is trained to act as a conduit for universal life force that is, by its nature, balancing and healing. 

You may expect to feel relaxed and calmed during your session. Afterwards, you may feel less stressed and more balanced over all. This is a deeply relaxing and peace-giving experience that can soothe your nervous system, quiet the mind, open the heart and lighten the spirit. It can leave you a cleaner conduit in which to experience the world, and a clearer channel for all that you want to bring into it.

Reiki sessions are 60 minutes in duration. $120


Jessi Campbell is our Reiki-practitioner-in-residence. Jessi incorporates sound healing instruments, crystals, and essential oils  in each session. She works with a pendulum to locate blockages along the chakra system; with the help of her guides and yours, she gently removes these blockages to give your whole body and surrounding energy field a “tune-up”. Jessi believes reiki is a beautiful anecdote for these current times. In tune with the shifting paradigm, she feels it to be a softer, more feminine approach to healing that can have a profound effect on our whole being: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.