Infrared Technology

What is infrared technology and why do we use it?

Simply put, infrared heats objects (like you in the yoga studio or sauna!), not the air. 

Infrared light waves, invisible to the naked eye, travel from the infrared panels to your skin. These light waves penetrate a couple inches into the body to create pliancy in the connective tissues, and to accelerate the body's natural detoxification process. True story: the sweat produced under infrared heat contains more toxins than other sweat.

The application of infrared heat in the studio should NOT be confused with "hot yoga". Because the air is not heated, the studio won't feel overly hot when you walk in (the heat is far less taxing on the body) and the benefits you receive are greater.

Our sauna uses the same technology  (full-spectrum infrared) as the heating panels in the studio. The experience is soothing and relaxing.